About Paige

As long as I can recall, I’ve been a nature lover. As a kid, I grew up running around outside my home in Tucson, marveling at wildlife or rescuing them from my tomcat who had a knack for hunting. I knew one day I’d work with animals. And I did. I earned my degree as a veterinary technician and worked for many years caring for animals. I will always appreciate what that experience gave to me.

After becoming a parent my interests naturally shifted. Around this same time, I was a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest and wanted nothing more than to focus on my journey as a parent as well as spend all my time outside. I took my firstborn on so many road trips, it’s no wonder she’s such a great travel companion as an 8 year old.

I had to document all of these experiences because they were so precious, not to mention the landscapes of the PNW are beyond dreamy! I spent time learning about photography and how to better control the outcome of my images and began work as a freelance photographer. I love to capture all of the wild souls and wild places.

In the future, I’ll be working towards underwater photography. While I’m on dry land, here’s a look at my full portfolio.

I’m based in Portland, Oregon where the ocean, mountains and rivers are never too far out of reach. This blog keeps me motivated to continue exploring and connecting with nature. I’ll be updating this site regularly with my photography and adventures.

Questions? Comments? Let’s connect!

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